01. Introduction

The Home of Customisation

Merchmaker offers official merchandise which can be customised and personalised. It allow fans to have a unique T-Shirt to support their WWE Superstar, they favourite Thunderbirds are go character or show their love the Tarantino movies like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.

Evode Group
2015 - 2018
UI / UX Design,

01. Introduction

02. Font & Colours

Helvetica Neue
  • Blue
  • Dark Grey
  • Medium Grey
  • And more shade of grey...

04. Logo Evolution

Through the years, Merchmaker has had multiple logo redesigns to fit the additional brands but also to be appealing to an ever expending range of age and demographics.


05. Main Screens

Each store had a different styling using the brand guidelines to fit the look and feel that the fans were expecting. However to make sure that every update on the website will be done on all store, the template and functionalities were identical.

Merchmaker Liverpool FC Homepage

One of the main advantage of Merchmaker is its functionality allowing you to select the quote that you want on your product. Below you can see a Thunderbirds Are Go T-shirt with the quote “Let’s get back to work” which can be changed using the dropdown on the right side.

Merchmaker Thunderbirds Are Go Product Page

06. Mobile

Merchmaker Star Trek Mobile Homepage
Merchmaker WWE Mobile Product Page Merchmaker WWE Mobile Menu Merchmaker WWE Mobile Mini Cart


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