Wall Street Institutes

Graphic Design / Advertising

Brian is in the Kitchen - Wall Street Institutes

Brian is in the Kitchen

The original picture was cut at the elbows and presented an issue to fit landscapes layouts.

The elbows have been painted on photoshop and the banana was added from a picture.

The background has been created with a photoshop pattern to allow the use in any kind of layout / space.

Where is my Umbrella?

This one was less heavy on the retouch and just needed to fix some issue with saturation on his face and clean a green colour on his hair (reflect from environment?).

Where is my umbrella - Wall Street Institutes
My tailor is rich - Wall Street Institutes

My Tailor is Rich

Third Advertising from this series which was never released unfortunately.

The title “My Tailor is Rich” was presented some copyright issue as it was own by a company


Drawing / E-Learning

Consultants illustration - Wall Street Institutes

Internal Communication

Wall Street Institutes wished to use graphics to illustrate different situation their consultant could be involved with or some behaviour they wished them to have.

Be Persistent

The consultant needs to not be afraid by a refusal and keep a positive attitude in his discussion with the potential customer.

Be Confident

The consultant needs to be confident when talking to the customer and present them with the benefits of studying english with Wall Street Institutes.

Listen to the Client

The consultant needs to listen to the potential customer and answer to their particuliar needs.

Make the client comfortable

The consultant needs to make the client feel comfortable in their office and in general in the Wall Street Institutes Centers.

Set up a Healthy Communication

The consultant needs to be available and friendly during any communication with new or existing customers.


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